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Greetings in the Lord!

The Elders and congregation of Peoples Church are delighted to have this opportunity to introduce ourselves to you. If you are already attending Peoples Church, we are very glad for your participation in worship and your involvement in the body life here.

If you are considering and praying about joining the membership of Peoples Church, please pick up a Membership Manual from the church office.  We hope that this manual will serve to inform you and give you a sense of who we are and our heart for the Lord Jesus Christ.

We understand well today that many are uncomfortable with “membership” in a church. Our current culture requires flexibility and Christians in particular are reluctant to commit themselves to a local Body. We would encourage you to run counter culture to this new mind-set. We believe that belonging to a local congregation is extremely important for your spiritual health and the health of the church of Jesus Christ. There is no organization in the world that doesn’t have some system of belonging. We believe the Bible teaches a system of belonging for the local body of believers.

Perhaps a good illustration of membership is the wedding service. A bride and groom, having courted and determining to unite together, both have opportunity to declare their intentions. We trust if the Lord wills it, that you and the body of Christians at Peoples will have opportunity to each say, “I do.”

While we all belong to the church universal, we understand the church universal cannot meet for worship, ministry and mutual edification. God has called into being local manifestations of the universal church - the local congregation. The New Testament gives us very clear revelation on how the church should function and organize itself. We are determined to follow His Word without apology, and call God’s people to the commitment and love which the local church needs to fulfill God’s intentions for it.

Please never think that membership is just another ritual in the church. In membership, we agree together in doctrine and in our common vision and value of the church of Jesus Christ. Please do not hesitate to call or arrange an appointment with an elder or a pastor if you would like to talk more about Peoples Church. If, after having prayed and read through the Membership Manual, you wish to continue in our “system of belonging,” please complete the Membership Application and submit it to the church secretary.  An elder will then be in touch with you to set up an interview.

God bless you! We are excited about God’s activity in our midst and we are excited about your interest in Peoples Church. What a delight it is for brethren to meet together!

In Christ,

The Elders of Peoples Church

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