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Back to School

by Nick Baetz on September 14, 2016

Going back to school was always a love-hate relationship for me. As a kid, summers were the best thing ever and going back to school meant that summer was coming to an end. Freedom was over. No more biking through the streets or playing road hockey all day. And with the start of school, came the dreaded first day of school picture. However as a teen, the relationship became more complicated. Near the end of summer, the dread of going back to school was combatted by an excitement to see your friends again, to play on the school sports teams again, and to get back into a routine.

When it came to College, things complicated even further because you almost looked forward to going back to school because it got you away from your less than glamorous summer job! That is until reality set in when you got your course syllabus and saw how many essays you had to write.

I was never home schooled but I’m sure the same type of battle ensues inside, knowing summer is over but wanting to get back to a normal schedule or routine.

For parents with young children, it can be scary to be away from your kids for long periods of time and to entrust the staff of the school to treat your child with the same amount of love and acceptance they experience at home. And yet, maybe for parents with older kids and teens it can be a well needed rest. For homeschooling parents, the beginning of a new year can be an exciting time to grow with your kids and to discover new ways to engage them in learning.

But no matter if you dreaded going back to school or were excited to go back to school, it always presented a fresh start to the year. And with it, come opportunities. Opportunities for kids and teens to make new friends, to join a new sports team, to take new classes, to join the drama team, or maybe to try something new. But it also brings opportunities for parents to disciple their kids and teens. To walk with their kids and teens in their lives, to get excited about the things they love, and to encourage them in their walks with Christ as they go to school (or stay at home for school). It’s a time to be there for them when they have a rough day, to talk about some of the issues they face, and to pray for them and with them.

Going back to school wasn’t always the easiest, but knowing I had parents who loved me (and a mom who had cinnamon buns waiting for me after school) sure made it easier to come home and face the next day.