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Christ in Christmas

by Mark Ottaway on November 19, 2018

Christmas is one of those holidays that still seems to echo truth even in our culture. The whole world in many ways stands still and at least takes time to consider many good things. But as the world looks back to that first Christmas, certainly society at that time paid little attention to the events going on in Bethlehem. The innkeeper had a “no vacancy” sign posted, and Mary and Joseph had to settle on the edge of town where the animals were kept. That push continues today as what at one time was such a focus in December, Merry Christmas is now being replaced with Happy Holidays; and the Holy Day now lands between last minute shopping and even bigger Boxing Day sales. So, is there room for Christ today?

Well the critics of Christ, just like presents, may come in all shapes and sizes. There are some who feel that Christianity and those who claim it are weak, and cannot face life without some kind of faith. Others may just be too wrapped up in day-to-day life, that the thought of anything eternal and deeper would only keep them from their daily pursuits. Others may have decided that most Christians are hypocrites or church for them was something that they have “been there, done that” at one point in their lives. Still others may make room for Christ, but it is only a small insignificant part, just something that makes them feel good about being a church-goer, or giving from time to time.

Yet the reality of the Scriptures is that the Lord of the universe Who came to that small stable two thousand years ago is not looking for room in our hearts, but Christ wants our entire lives. The Christ-Child is eternal, all-knowing, everywhere present, all-powerful, all-wise, and the Creator of the universe; therefore it would only make sense that He would not only have part of us, but that He would take up residence within us. Understanding that Christ is Lord really demands that we must submit to His lordship and surrender our lives to Him.

Paul wrote to the church in Rome, “If you declare with your mouth, ‘Jesus is Lord,’ and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved” (Romans 10:9). In reality the truth given in this verse is that Christ is Lord, the baby in Bethlehem is the Lord of Lords; and therefore the key to truly receiving Christ, to being a Christian, is that acknowledge and that reality to declare this day that Jesus is Lord!

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