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Then They Will Know...

by Kevin Mahon on November 27, 2019

"Then they will know..."

"Fake news" abounds, which is really propaganda pieces pretending to be news, and we are being warned that deep fakes are coming—videos that look completely real but are not at all real.  Interviews, news, press conferences, and statements—anyone can be made to appear to say anything, and it is all generated by computers. It will be hard to know what is real anymore, what can be trusted, who can be relied on.

Our generation is beset by fake deceptions and fake gods.  From Thor and Superman, to Guardians and Wonder Woman, we are offered a hodgepodge of belief systems and computer generated powers that look so real and seem so appealing.  Star Wars has offered a whole new world to many with mystical concepts of a 'force' and specially gifted individuals that seem to shake the cosmos and fill heads with deep fakes when it comes to beliefs and reality.  It is like the human race lives in a cluttered dream world of fantasy and pretend.

Sometimes it takes something very drastic to shake us out of a dream world, to startle us out of the fakes and their mind numbing effects— to wake us up to real life, and real truth.

There is nothing like the judgment of God to wake a person up to reality—some disaster, some defeat, some cataclysmic happening, where the fakery is suddenly stripped away  and the painful truth of the present moment becomes inescapable—God is judging the world, or the nation.  God sees and knows what the human race is up to and intervenes, often dramatically, to remind us.   

Sometimes it is an incredible miracle that astonishes and grips the mind, tearing people away from their childish delusions and pretend worlds thrusting them into the knowledge that there is more to life than the small stage and play they are immersed in! 

Repeatedly in human history, the Scriptures show us that through miracles and judgment, God reveals that He is here, He is real, and there is only Him.  "Then they shall know that I am the Lord" is repeated some 90 times in the Bible, most often in the context of judgment and miraculous events—both are a path God uses to lift the fog of fakery and call people to reality, to reason, and to Himself.  Many get awakened from their dream land of deceptions to suddenly realize Yahweh is God, and they begin to seek to know Him more, to be in right relationship with Him, to bow before Him and Him alone.

So I will show my greatness and my holiness and make myself known in the eyes of many nations. Then they will know that I am the Lord.  Ezekiel 38:23

But many, having their heads pulled out of the sand by judgments and miracles, promptly put their heads back in again.  They prefer their fake news and their deep fakes—they will call what has shaken the world simply mother nature, or a tragedy, or a random thing.  After 9-11 and the downing of the Twin Towers, countless people professed to be scandalized at the mere suggestion that God was judging the nation.  In their fantasy world, God would only approve of them, and never judge. 

Heaping oppression upon oppression, and deceit upon deceit,

they refuse to know me, declares the Lord.  Jeremiah 9:6