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EXALT - Exalting Christ And Learning Together is our adult Sunday School initiative. We meet at 9:00am for coffee and fellowship, and classes start promptly at 9:15.

Our EXALT classes run in two-month sessions from September through June. There are usually two or three classes offered each session. We encourage you to attend every week, but if that is not possible, come as often as you can.

Sunday School will resume on September 8, 2019 with the following two classes available:

Living as a Woman of the Scriptures
The voices of feminism today are loud and strident. How does a woman of Christian faith counter those voices when the Bible speaks about submitting to your husband, and the church teaches that only men are called to be preachers? Why does the book of Proverbs personify wisdom as a woman?

This class will explore Biblical complementarity, male-female equality and male headship, women in the life and teachings of Jesus, the valuable ministries of women in the context of male leadership, and more. This class will examine the Scriptural evidence as well as the commentary of MacArthur, Grudem, Piper and others around that evidence.

This class for women will be taught by Beth Ann Wiersma in the basement EXALT room.

Living in Exile: A study of Jeremiah
As we look at the world around us, watch the news, and interact with our neighbours and co-workers, we see a society that has little thought for God. As the Judeo-Christian ethic loses its momentum, it becomes more and more clear that this world is not our home, and that we are sojourners in a foreign land. In God’s word to Jeremiah, He gives insight into how the people of God should live, both spiritually and practically, in a land that has no thought for God.

Over the next eight weeks this class will go over such topics as: The danger of being assimilated into our culture; Why God judges His people; How God expects us to live in a godless society; Personal persecution; and more!

This class which is open to all adults, will be taught by John Booy in the Fellowship Hall.


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