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EXALT - Exalting Christ And Learning Together is our adult Sunday School initiative. We meet at 9:00am for coffee and fellowship, and classes start promptly at 9:15.

Our EXALT classes run in two-month sessions from September through June. There are usually two or three classes offered each session. We encourage you to attend every week, but if that is not possible, come as often as you can.

All Sunday School classes are now in recess, and will resume September 9, 2018. 

The following two EXALT classes will be offered for the adults:

All Signs Point to Christ
As we walk through the Scriptures as part of our ongoing journey of faith, we discover that many signs have been placed along the road for us to point the way to our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Though He had not yet arrived in the flesh, the divine Inspirer of the Scriptures and sovereign Author of all history graciously provided signposts to mark the way in the lives of hallmark leaders and figures throughout the Old Testament and historical period before Jesus’ earthly ministry began, to the benefit of those waiting for Christ then, as well as those seeking Him now. Progressive revelation to God's people over time brought them closer and closer to the truth, but in examining the evidence left for us by God in the testimonies of their lives of faith, there is one key constant among these signposts: all signs point to Christ.

This series, taught by Joel Campbell in the Fellowship Hall, will examine and discuss the lives and testimonies of key figures recorded in Scripture, from Adam to John the Baptist, and how they consistently point God's people onward—toward His promised Messiah, Jesus Christ.

Defending the Gospel: A Study in Galatians
In Paul’s letter to the Galatian believers, he has one primary focus, the Gospel of Christ. Therefore he warns of another Gospel (1:7), preserving the Gospel (2:5), being obedient to the Gospel (2:14), and how our flesh opposes the Gospel (3:3). In his Gospel defense, he writes that to move away from the Gospel means slavery (2:4), working under the law (3:2), and being taken captive and imprisoned (3:23). So let’s rediscover the freedom in the Gospel, and salvation by grace alone; as we are blessed and motivated by the preaching, justification, promise, privilege, and our sanctification in the Gospel.

Pastor Mark will be teaching this doctrinal class in the downstairs EXALT room.


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