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EXALT - Exalting Christ And Learning Together is our adult Sunday School initiative. We meet at 9:00am for coffee and fellowship, and classes start promptly at 9:15.

Our EXALT classes run in two-month sessions from September through June. There are usually two or three classes offered each session. We encourage you to attend every week, but if that is not possible, come as often as you can.

The following class will be offered during the months of October and November 2017, beginning November 5th.


Judging with a Righteous Judgment
Our society has no time for God’s truth, and this has consequences on many fronts. One major consequence is the inability of our leaders to make a righteous distinction or to use discernment, which is defined as “making a judgment whether something be right or wrong.” Our society echoes this cause to not make any distinctions, even going so far as to attempt to use the Bible as a source for their reasoning with the cry of, "Don't judge, lest ye be judged!" Ultimately this leads to a new truth, according to our social order, which is how we feel about something, and to go against how someone feels is now a mortal sin. So what? What does the Bible really say about judging? Is there ever a proper place?
Over the next six weeks we will look into judging on both a conceptual and practical level as it applies to us in the church. Using various passages from Scripture we will be looking into such topics as: Judging ourselves rightly; Judging with a righteous judgement; Responding to being judged; How to appeal wisely to opposing judgments; and, Who are you to judge?
Join John Booy in the fellowship hall for this class.

Psalms: Songbook for the Believer
Come and explore the beauty and emotion of the Psalms of the Bible. We will look at their structure, authorship, poetic expression and much more. We will find great comfort and delight as we explore these beautiful testimonies of the goodness and power of our great God. Beth Ann Wiersma will be leading this women’s only class in the basement EXALT room.


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