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EXALT - Exalting Christ And Learning Together is our adult Sunday School initiative. We meet at 9:00am for coffee and fellowship, and classes start promptly at 9:15.

Our EXALT classes run in two-month sessions from September through June. There are usually two or three classes offered each session. We encourage you to attend every week, but if that is not possible, come as often as you can.

During the months of March and April there will be just one adult class and it will be taught by Pastor Mark Ottaway in the fellowship hall beginning March 3, 2019.


The Millennial Kingdom: Future, Now, or Never?

Most of us have grown up with the expectation of heaven and an eternal kingdom when we die as believers. A place where Christ would reign, where we would “run and not be weary” and where there would be streets of gold. These are all truths that the Bible teaches and so we should anticipate such things. But the Bible also teaches of an earthly millennial kingdom, in fact, a 1,000-year Millennial Kingdom. Is this to be taken literally? What would be the purpose of such a kingdom? Does this involve the people of Israel in a special way? Or does not Israel just become the church in the New Testament? Or are there still promises given to the nation of Israel through Abraham which God has yet to fulfill?  Join us for this class to answer such questions as we weave our way through the Scriptures to discover what the Lord has planned for all those who have bowed to His Lordship in determining whether the Millennial Kingdom is still future, is it now, or is it never?

Pastor Mark will be teaching this class in the Fellowship Hall beginning March 3rd.


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