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Use of Facilities

The facilities at Peoples Church are primarily to be used for the purpose of ministering to the church’s members and regular adherents.  The church is not in the ministry or business of renting out its facility.

Permission may occasionally be granted to use parts or all of the church to those deemed to be a ‘Friend of Peoples’ and who have a church member or regular adherent who is willing to sponsor them.

Peoples Church does not charge rent for the use of its facilities, but the reality is there is significant cost involved in the use and operation of our building. We would therefore encourage our ‘Friends of Peoples’ to give an honorarium to defray these costs.

Peoples Church reserves the right to refuse any request based on its own discretion and faith principles.

Please read the documents below to familiarize yourself with the policies and procedures of facility use at Peoples Church.

Use of Facilities Handbook

Request for Use of Facilties Form

Kitchen Procedures

Request for Use of Kitchen Form


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